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Title Vishal Come Home
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Vishal is a 10-year-old with naughty eyes, a shiny fringe, and crooked gutka-stained teeth. On days that he attends fourth grade in the village of Sauthana, Rajasthan, he wears a blue shirt, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and khaki pants that graze his ankles.

Title SELF Supports Girls` Education in Kenya
Short Description

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The new Kisaruni Girls` High School will be a place where young women from different ethnic communities can come together and continue their education beyond middle school, bridging both cultural gaps between them and socioeconomic gaps around them. SELF is once again able to offer support in these young women’s endeavors through its use of the successful hybrid solar PV/diesel generator system, where diesel generators are available solely as a back-up during prolonged heavy usage or in periods of rain.

Title 4. The story of Dr. Shantuben Patel and her Dhanvantri School
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I was still living in the Netherlands when my mum put me on the phone with a visitor of the family – a doctor and a Vipassana teacher, I was told.

Title Khabar Lahariya – A Weekly Newspaper in Bundeli
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The Central and Western Region Fishmongers Improvement Association Victoria Koomson is organizing the women of coastal Ghanaian migratory fishing communities by introducing a series of technical innovations and using the resulting increased incomes to help promote further economic and community development.

Title Innovation Meets Financial Education: Swadhaar in India
Short Description

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Interview with: Preeti Telang, General Manager – Programmes and Operations, Swadhaar FinAccess. Swadhaar FinAccess (SFA), which currently operates in Mumbai, India, was founded in 2005 with the objective of providing the urban poor increased access to financial services, bridging the gap with the formal banking sector.

Title Bring Literacy To Indigenous Women - Oaxaca Mexico
Short Description

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This project will bring literacy and confidence to indigenous women in Oaxaca, Mexico using an innovative art-based bilingual curriculum that engages all five senses.

Title Kanchana Kathiresan: Making a difference in Mysore
Short Description

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Kanchana Kathiresan is one of those people whose stories are an endless source of inspiration. She makes you wonder how real life accounts can be as fascinating as fiction.

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