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Title SELF`s Cooperation with the Vietnam Women`s Union
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In rural Vietnam, lack of access to reliable energy sources remains a major difficulty for rural households. Currently, 240 families living in remote locations now enjoy solar power in their homes. The Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU), in collaboration with the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), launched this first-of-its-kind household solar PV project in Vietnam in February of 1994, with the goal of installing solar home systems (SHS) for those living in remote locations.

Title SELF`s Solar Market Garden
Short Description

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For the first time, women farmers in the villages of northern Benin are able to grow crops during the dry season, improving food security and nutrition for themselves and their families. Farmers are also increasing their income by selling excess crops in the market. SELF`s Solar Market Garden project is supporting developing communities by helping them use solar energy to provide long-term solutions to hunger and poverty.

Title SELF`s Response to the Haiti Disaster
Short Description

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Following the devastating earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haitian women’s need for improved medical care has been more keenly felt than ever before. To assist communities in fulfilling this need, SELF has partnered with NRG Energy, Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, 11th Hour Project, Partners In Health (PIH) and others to accelerate the solar electrification of hospitals, clinics, schools, irrigation systems, fish farms, street lights and other community services. A major motivating factor remains the improvement of women’s access to medical care. SELF and its partners have already provided solar electricity to the clinics in Boucan Carré, Hinche and Cerca la Source and are working to speed the process of solar electrifying more sites in Haiti.

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