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National Institute of Science and Technology Forecast and Strategy Studies (NISTPASS)

NISTPASS is the research organization of Ministry of Science and Technology and Environment established by decision No 248/TTg dated 23rdApril 1996 of Prime Minister, based on merging the two institutes: National Institute of Science and Technology Forecast and Strategy Studies (NISTFASS) and Institute of Science Management (ISM). .

On 18th Jan 2007, Minister of Science and Technology signed his decision on promulgating the Statute regarding the organization and operation of NISTPASS. This decision replaced the decision No 1285/QĐ-TCCBKH dated 4th July 1996. .
According to decision No 101/QĐ-KHHCN signed on 18th Jan 2007, the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy and Strategy has the following main funtions, tasks and jurisdictions: .
  1. Carry out research to provide foundation for developing S&T strategy, policy, and management towards renovation and sustainable development. Concrete research tasks include:
  2. Participate in developing strategy, mechanism, policy and legal documents on science and technology;
  3. Trainning masters and PhDs specialized in science and technology policy in pursuant to the Education Law;
  4. Associate with other institutions doing research and development, scientific and technological services, training, production-trade, both domestic and international, in order to implement the assigned functions and tasks;
  5. Realize tasks in relation to international co-operation assigned by the Ministry;
  6. Issue publications, magazines based on the research results and activities related to the Institute’s functions, tasks in compliance with laws;
  7. Organizational and personnel management as decentralized by the Ministry;
  8. Management of assets, equipment and facilities of the Institute in accordance with government regulations.
Source: http://www.nistpass.gov.vn/en/ accessed on 25th August 2011.

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