Shahida expands business with small loans
             Posted on:14-10-2011 15:33:15

Written By: BRAC

A group of women sit on the concrete floor of a small room, stitching colourful appliqué flowers on a black saree. They all work for Shahida Alamgir, a 38-year-old mother of three, who runs a hand embroidery business from her home at Mirpur, a working-class suburb of Dhaka.

Shahida started out 12 years ago with a loan of 3,000 takas from BRAC, earning about 20,000 takas a month to supplement the money her migrant worker husband sent home.

As her orders increased, Shahida, who is self-taught, started training other women in her locality and outsourcing the work. In 2003, she took out a loan of 50,000 takas from BRAC Microfinance’s scheme for small entrepreneurs to expand her business with 5 workers.

Now, she is on a loan of 300,000 takas, employs 10 to 12 women at a time and supplies clothes, as well as cushion and bed covers, to 5 or 6 different retailers, earning 40,000 to 50,000 takas a month. Shahida wants to open her own boutique and plans to apply for the maximum loan of 1 million takas.

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