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Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO)

Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) is an independent social research organization with a mandate to promote social and policy learning to benefit development and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. APPRO is registered with the Ministry of Economy as a not-for-profit non-governmental organization and headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan.

APPRO’s mission is to facilitate critical dialogue on policy and reconstruction issues. This mission has two components. The first component is to measure development progress against strategic reconstruction objectives and provide insights into how to improve performance against the milestones set by the Government of Afghanistan and the international donors. The second component is to train and mentor a pool of Afghan researchers to conduct research consistent with internationally recognized standards for social scientific research. Research at APPRO is undertaken to address existing and pressing knowledge gaps in the policy making process and to advance the learning of researchers, academics, and decision and policy makers at all levels.

In the Afghan environment collecting reliable quantitative data is compromised by a lack access to large swathes of the population due to inadequate security, insufficient national institutional capacity to collect nationwide data in a timely manner, and a general unavailability of historically important baseline statistics such as census data. To compensate for these conditions while maintaining scientific standards, APPRO utilizes mainly qualitative research methods. In instances where the population is delineated APPRO collects quantitative data to complement qualitative data collected through interviews and focus group discussions. In all cases the analysis is contextualized by drawing on experiences from other regions, countries, and situations and aimed at contributing to the common knowledge pool. See Approach to Research on our website for more information.

APPRO operates through project funds provided by national and international organizations with mandates for the reconstruction of Afghanistan. With the exception of evaluation reports and other sensitive research, all research findings are disseminated as publications, downloadable free of charge from the Publications page. In addition, it conducts research on the crosscutting themes of Aid Effectiveness, Rights Issues and Development, Political Economy, Governance, and Natural Resource and Environmental Management. The research is designed and carried out to promote dialogue and collaboration between parties with varying agendas who share a focus on reconstruction.

All research projects are conducted from a systems perspective. APPRO recognizes that in any policy environment intended solutions create new and unaccounted for problems. As a result, research at APPRO is focused on the close examination of the interface between new and pre-existing forms of organization. Particular attention is thus paid to identifying and mapping autochthonous structures and optimal ways in which policy solutions are absorbed by the system to establish what works and why.

   Source: http://www.appro.org.af/Research_areas.html

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